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P2P Lending & Borrowing

Meet our all-in-one solution for creating a P2P (pool-to-peer) market

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User-friendly Platform

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Fast and secure

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Consumable Market Data

We built one of the leading protocols and tooling for lending and borrowing on the blockchain. As an asset-liability DeFi lending tool and fork of Compound® protocol, we stand out as one of the market's top, secure, algorithmic, on-chain P2P money market lending and borrowing solutions.


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Market Overview

We built all the tools your users need to accurately track the P2P market and explore different yields in your ecosystem.

Borrow Digital Assets

Use Collateral

Borrow assets against your collateral

Manage your debt and pay APR on-chain

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Supply Digital Assets

Supply Digital Assets To Earn APY and collateralize any digital asset available on your blockchain network.

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