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Growing Global DeFi Ecosystems

Residual Token is a technology company specialized in the development and marketing of fintech software that empowers individuals and entities to “Be the Bank.” Our goal is to help build, grow and market DeFi ecosystems for the blockchains of the world. 

Decentralized Digital Asset Lending and Borrowing Solutions That Enable The Unbanked

On-chain crowdfunding for traditional markets

We help enable unbanked institutions by using regulatory-compliant crowdfunding software on the blockchain. Our fiat onramp converts your U.S. Dollars to USDC, a digital stablecoin, and allows you to place that capital in traditional financial markets. Our platform handles the underwriting, funding, servicing and distribution of returns from these investments.

P2P (pool-to-peer) lending and borrowing

Our consulting firm specializes in P2P DeFi borrowing and lending pools, offering a wide array of services to empower our clients in this dynamic space. This includes end-to-end development, smart contract creation, and user-friendly interface design for various blockchain platforms. We also provide tailored marketing strategies, security auditing, compliance guidance, and ongoing consultation to ensure the success and security of your P2P lending pool in the competitive DeFi landscape.

Institutional DeFi

We created a DeFi environment built and tailored for U.S. entities looking for easy and cheap liquidity on the blockchain without sacrificing compliance.

Our secure technology allows institutions such as banks, corporations, and more, to create a private, on-chain, P2P (pool-to-peer) lending and borrowing environment that can be used amongst organizations that agree to participate. 

U.S. regulatory compliance.

Regulations and compliance continue to plague DeFi projects operating in the US. We’ve built a institution-ready, fully compliant, regulated DeFi safe harbor for US institutions to access DeFi without having to worry about breaking the rules.

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