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The digital asset age is here. Cryptoholders seek liquidity without sacrificing value. And they are entitled to get paid for holding cryptoassets. Exchanges and cryptoasset on ramps want to offer their customers the best options available, but offering these features should come with greater profitability and not headaches.

These next paragraphs focus on lending, but don't forget we can help you add insurance products, self-directed IRA digital asset purchasing, international banking capabilities and host of other stuff.

We believe centralized margin lending, interest bearing savings account management, fintech and DeFI can co-exist.  The solution can be secure and simple.  The solution can include cash accounts, wiring capability and budgeting solutions making your customer experiences even more holistic.


Our protocols can expand traditional lenders’ existing product lines, optimizes the margin lending origination processes, and allows exchanges to offer interest-bearing savings accounts. We service the accounts to further reduce the hassle. Oh, and if you need capital to fund those loans or are interested in selling those loans in the secondary market, we help you with that too.

Our cash accounts capabilities include introductions to onshore and offshore financial service entities with experience in digital assets.

Your platform add-on will be built using traditional algorithms and incorporate blockchain elements where appropriate and industry vetted.  The result and experience will be seamless to your customers.  The benefit you will see for your exchange and additional revenue will be immediate. 

Already have this type of build-out in your plan? Our experienced advisors can get you over that last hill, helping with compliance, usability and assessing how your functionality aligns with market expectations.  Concerned about safety? Our close-knot network includes the team that has most recently completed the most comprehensive audit of Compound, the DeFI crypto-loan solution, to date.

We have up and running a pilot program focused on offering Bitcoin and Ethereum-backed loans.  Please check out to see that experience first hand!

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