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How to Participate

The Basics FAQ

Where Do I buy ETH?

You can buy ETH on the various digital exchanges or from other coin and token holders. 

A good list of exchanges can be found here:

How do you create an Ethereum Wallet?

We really like this basic turorial:

How do you open an ETH Wallet?

Go to, and read the popup tutorial carefully. Holding crypto is not like having a bank account. Once access is lost, no one can recover it for you.

We suggest you to buy a hardware wallet, as it is one of the safest ways to hold ETH and tokens.

When in doubt, feel free to contact our CTO at

How do you view tokens in an ETH Wallet?

This great tutorial covers how you would it:

How to Buy RSDL Tokens during Token Sale

Sign Up For Whitelist

RSDLL Token CrowdSale Contact Address:  XXXXXXXXTODOXXX


RSDLL Token CrowdSale Contact Transaction Data To use:  0xa6f2ae3a (Transaction will fail if not inputing proper transaction data field!!)

1) Review the basics on how to participate using an ETH client:

2) Send ETH to the following contract address:  XXXXXXXXTODOXXX

Detailed Instructions and Video on how to buy RSDL using Metamask and MyETHJWallet can be found here.

3) Once Token Sale is over they will be released and you can check your token balances

Additional Technical FAQ

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