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Q3 2020

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Q4 2020

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DeFI alone cannot risk-based price and therefore cannot play the unbanked role here alone.

Q2 2021

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DeFI and Asset-backed Lending: The Puzzle Completed

Why We're Great >

DeFI alone cannot risk-based price

and cannot play the


role without major loss of capital risk.

Network of CeFI participants connected on a DeFI network with other users becomes bankless

Federal Reserve

Excess CeFI capital leant to other players in need at the proper pricing

CeFI participants ARE the pricing oracles

Why We're Great >

eRSDL creates a safe harbor for DeFI players to allow CeFI lenders into the community based on agreement to comply with existing rules and ability to properly risk-based price.

eRSDL becomes the currency of CeFI

Treasury function

CeFI intermediaries fund asset-backed lenders using cheap capital obtained from sophisticated lenders

Why We're Great >

Everyday DeFI players are left to speculate on overcollateralized stablecoin loans w/o access to major CeFI market opportunities

You decide what CeFI players can participate.

Benefit from expert participants properly pricing risk.

Move traditional intermediary borrowers off banked platforms and democratize finance

Future State and Offering


Ultimate borrowers

Asset-backed lenders

CeFI capital providers

20% APR on staked eRSDL

DeFI core allows for CeFI inter-company capital transfers


Q1 2021

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