Q3 2020

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Q4 2020

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DeFI alone cannot risk-based price and therefore cannot play the unbanked role here alone.

Q2 2021

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DeFI and Asset-backed Lending: The Puzzle Completed

Why We're Great >

DeFI alone cannot risk-based price

and cannot play the


role without major loss of capital risk.

Why We're Great >

CeFI intermediaries fund asset-backed lenders using cheap capital obtained from sophisticated lenders

Why We're Great >

Everyday DeFI players are left to speculate on overcollateralized stablecoin loans w/o access to major CeFI market opportunities

Future State and Offering


Ultimate borrowers

Asset-backed lenders

CeFI capital providers

20% APR on staked eRSDL

DeFI core allows for CeFI inter-company capital transfers


Q1 2021

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