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Margin Lending and

Interest Bearing Savings Accounts

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Investment Banking


Capital Markets Advisory


Q4 2019

FREE assessment of your current margin lending and interest-bearing savings account strategy

Develop a plan based on your targeted end-state, customer base, resources, timing and budget

Gain consensus from your stakeholders, including legal, compliance and regulatory personnel as they will be impacted post-launch

Discuss capital markets needs including where lending capital is coming from and what to do with the originated loans

Q1 2020

Gather business requirements and create business requirement documentation

Begin discussions and introductions with various capital market providers on the origination and secondary market side

Assess licensing and regulatory application and ongoing reporting requirements

Finalize engagement letters and scoping documents with us and any subs we collectively agree make sense to bring on-board

Participate in product development and marketing meetings

Q2 2020

Development and testing of end-to-end loan origination system

Development of Servicing and establishing operational readiness

Compliance and regulatory follow-up, application, and tracking

Define reporting requirements

Marketing readiness and content generation

Consult on capital market agreements

Q3 2020

UAT end-to-end margin lending platform

Stress test servicing platform

Finalize compliance and regulatory

Construct Treasury polices and procedures

Audit platform (Trail of Bits)


New product development